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The question: what does the segment suggest to guard against employee misuse of workplace technology? Today’s time is where everyone works digitally, everything is available on a single platform, and businesses and companies depend on digital technologies to grow in the market. Each coin has two sides, working with technology is beneficial, but it also has some dark sides. Always remember, when you depend too much on technology there will be multiple risks. Risks like data leakage and misuse are common if we don’t pay much attention.

Today I will share some steps the company should take to secure their work surroundings from any technical breaches by employees.

Formulating a Robust Workplace Technology Policy

A company with rules and regulations about technology usage is important. Policies informing you about “what we can or cannot do” through technology in the office, specific rules prohibiting technical use for personal purposes, and restrictions on watching or sharing explicit content while working and sharing the content with permissions are a must to set to save millions worth of data.

Employee Agreements and Privacy Expectations

In a company where hundreds of employees work, it’s important to be fair with every employee about policies and agreements. Ensuring that every employee is aware of the guidelines related to technology usage and informing them that they will be under surveillance while working is a key responsibility of the employer, which will reduce the chances of breaching.

Enforcement and Monitoring

To secure companies’ data from misuse or threat, the company can restrict a few website visits that can cause possible harm or use programs that can update the employee’s everyday work over the computers. Companies can also track how employees use the technology or if anyone’s breaking the rules.

Remember this, Consistency is key to making sure everyone stays compliant.

Access Control and Data Protection

We all know that company data is an asset and confidential, and protecting these confidential files is important for the company. To protect this information the company must provide full access to limited persons or allow access to the employees till it’s important for their work. Confidential files should be data encrypted so that only the necessary one can open them and see what’s inside. Last but not least, It’s a must for the company to set some privacy and security on the confidential so that no one tries to steal or leak it.

Cybersecurity Training and Awareness

A good defense against technology misuse is to have knowledge and consistent ongoings about technology. Updating the employees about the new terms and conditions and training them on the basics of technology can help in their time of need. Training the employees to tackle phishing, safe browning, and informing the benefits of using strong passwords can help protect company data.

Technological Safeguards

Another way to tackle the misuse of technology in companies is to apply “web filtering” After that, the company can control what websites and content users can access online. Install antivirus software and update it regularly as it protects the computer system from malware. To block unauthorized access from anonymous users companies should set up Firewalls too. Lastly, there is access control. It’s crucial to manage the setting up permissions of users and accounts to save sensitive data.

Regular Policy Reviews and Updates

In the technical field, we can see changes every day and according to the changes, the companies should update their policies too. Go through the policies to ensure they match the current ongoing, and change if necessary.


I shared the tick-list with you about what a company should do to protect against the misuse of workplace technology. Rules and guidelines and updating them according to the changes are also important. Teach employees the basics of cybersecurity. Keeping confidential files under data encryption, and restricting the webpage visiting are vital to maintaining a secure workplace environment.

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