Privacy Policy

“Techno Timing” understands the importance of users’ privacy. And whenever a user visits our website we respect it. 

Whatever personal information we collect on of a user we respect it, and this privacy policy describes what we do with the information we gather, when we use it, how we use it, and when we can provide it to other companies. 

The mentioned policies are for – we don’t include information from outside sources. Before using our website we would like to mention that there are some terms and conditions. If you want to engage in other activities there will be further terms too. 

Our site gathers basic information, like from what browser or language you are using as we want to know how individuals use the website to share broad statistics, like trend reports. 

We receive the IP addresses of people who sign in or comment on our blogs. We disclose personal information for the same purposes we share information. Let me explain further below. 

If you are connecting with us for blog writing we will ask you for your personal information. Like your name, email address, what type of content you write, and the wage you’re expecting. 

Privacy is our top priority, but nothing is perfectly secure in the online world. We use advanced technology to secure your information, But we don’t guarantee absolute privacy. 

While using the website there’s a probability that ads may use cookies. This privacy policy is about Techno Timing, We have nothing to do with advertisers’ cookie use. 

The inclusion of links that lead to other sites is a possibility and we can’t control that. So, we advise you to go through the privacy policies of those sites as they differ from ours. We don’t take any responsibility for other site’s content, policies, or practices except ours. 

Sometimes, We may use Google Adwords on other websites to target the audience who once visited us but didn’t finish filling out contact forms, which means it could refer to advertisements on Google search pages or other Google Display Network.

Google uses cookies to show visitors ads on sites according to what they have been browsing in the previous days. You can block or continue to see the type of ads you block; it’s your choice!  Google Ad Preferences allows you to do that. 

Techno Timing tends to disclose your personal information to its employees, contractors, and affiliated groups for whom it’s necessary to know your information to provide services. We restrict the involvement of third parties and we don’t prefer to share your personal information with them. TechnoTiming shares personal information with organizations that reside outside the nation, and if you’re using our site, you agree to transfer. 

If the court demands to know your details, or in case of any threat we will share the details to protect our site and to follow the law. 

In case you have registered via email, occasionally you will see a popup notification from TechnoTiming to keep you updated, inform you about the new features, or get feedback. Usually, we prefer a blog to keep you updated and emails are infrequent. We may share requests you send for help or support with others.