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The answer what you need to know about the advantages of Level 2+ autonomy over Level 2 autonomy in modern vehicles? The world of automobile industries has always surprised us by introducing new elements in cars, and in the journey of creating something new they introduced us to “Autonomous driving systems”. Level 2+ autonomy is one of them. I believe you all know what Level2+ autonomy is. Those who still don’t know, let me help you out. The simplest way to understand Level 2+ is to know about Level 2 autonomy. Additional advanced features in Level 2 are known as Level 2+ autonomy. 

Through this article, I will tell you the benefits of Level 22+ autonomy and how it is changing the automobile industry. 

Enhanced Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Features like HD cameras, superior sensors, and high processing capacity are available in Level 2+ autonomy.In comparison to Level 2, Level 2+ has multiple features. Features like collision avoidance systems to prevent accidents, find blind spots, and pedestrian detection to ensure the safety of the people on the roads and yours, are available in level 2+ autonomy. All these features allow the divers to ride safely without any accident or damage.

Advanced Lane-Keeping Assist

Level 2+ autonomy includes more than the mentioned features above, It also introduced us to the term “Lane Keeping” capabilities built into our cars, which handles some of the situations with ease, like driving on curves and changing lanes with the driver’s permission. If we compare these features with Level 2, this is far more upgraded from the basic lane-keeping function.

Higher Degree of Automation for Certain Maneuvers

Adding up to the benefits of Level 2+ autonomy, we cannot ignore the fact that it provides a stable drive even in crucial moments. The flexibility to drive on the highways is commendable, changing lanes and joining the other cars on the drive is not a tough task, providing a high level of support to drivers compared to regular Level 2 autonomy.

Hands-Off Driving in Certain Situations

Level 2+ autonomy systems have introduced us to hands-free driving on certain roads like highways, which means a vehicle with level 2+ autonomy systems provides the driver self-driving experience. For example, Ford’s Blue Cruise provides this feature. Now that’s for sure a plus point in cars. These features show a glimpse of the future of fully autonomous driving.

Stepping Stone to Higher Autonomy

Whenever I write about Level 2+ autonomy, I find a link that joins Level 2 partial self-driving and Level 3 conditional autonomy. Level 2+ is a middle ground between Level 2 and Level 3 autonomy. Level 2+ autonomy has multiple advanced features but still requires the supervision and attention of drivers on the road, increasing the curiosity to develop fully automatic cars in the future. 


To summarize, Level 2+ autonomy is an enhanced version of standard Level 2 autonomy Providing multiple ADAS features like lane-changing capabilities, hands-free driving, finding blind spots, etc. The automobile industry keeps developing new technologies for vehicles, Level 2+ shows a major leap forward in the evolution of autonomous driving, creating a path for Level 3 autonomous vehicles and much more. 

As they continue to surprise us with new technologies that day is not so far when vehicles will handle everything on their own. The capabilities of autonomous driving show the upcoming future of driving with safety and convenience.

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