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The whole information is all about what is the difference between level 2 and level 2+ autonomy in car technology. While writing the content about the Automobile industry, I realized that the automobile industry is continuously working and over the centuries introduced us to many new terms like ADAS, Level 2+, etc. We have discussed these terms in our last blogs. Presently, this industry is aiming towards a dream of inventing fully automatic vehicles for humans and what more they can do with this technology. Learning about all the new technology is interesting, but we always get curious when we speak about Level 2 and Level 2+ technology. For a while I’m explaining these terms to you all and in today’s post I will tell you how these terms differ from each other with the same aim of providing comfort and safety.

What is Level 2 Autonomy?

Starting with Level 2, autonomy, or partially automated driving is a technology created to take on most of the responsibilities of drivers. Simply put, computers are taking control of cars. Right Automatic Cars or Self-driving Cars! Starting with Level 2, autonomy, or partially automated driving is a technology created to take on most of the responsibilities of drivers. In an easy way, let’s say you hand over the controls to a computer that is inbuilt in your car .Right Automatic Cars or Self-driving Cars! If we talk about the characteristics of Level 2+ then features like Lane Centering and ACC (Adapted Cruise Control) are there to work side-by-side. 

Under some circumstances where the humans command the technology to take control, this technology stands up to its responsibilities. After the analyzing the situation it can take control of the steering and decide on its own to stop, turn left or right, slow-down and resume.  All of it while drivers sit back and relax. But, it’s important to understand that the driver needs to be alert while driving to take control in an emergency, always keeping an eye on the system. If you are thinking about how it can handle this at once then the answer is that this technology gathers data from Camera, Radar, LiDAR, and GPS to perform these tasks after a single command by a human. 

As you know, Level 2  is an advanced version of Level 1 because Level 1 can do one task at a time, but Level 2 handles various tasks. If the human driver wants to take back control, it immediately switches with one command. Also Read: The Advantages Of Level 2+ Autonomy In Modern Car Technology

Advancing to Level 2+ Autonomy

Now let’s discuss Level 2+ autonomy. In the technological world, this technology is another step towards the full automation of vehicles “The Plan”. A better version of Level 2 with more technical features to ensure safety and convenience.   

Give it a thorough reading to understand the features of Level 2+ autonomy. 

  • “Hands-Off, Eyes-On” Capability: On the roads this technology allows the driver to take their hands off from the steering wheels in some situations. But, the drivers must focus on the roadways to take back the command at any moment. 
  • Enhanced Sensory and Computing Power: As I said, this technology is an advanced version, so, it includes more enhanced versions of cameras and has more computing capabilities to understand and recognize the driving scenarios more easily. 
  • Improved Functionality: Vehicles with a Level 2+ autonomy system perform better in complex driving situations, like looking for turns and curves, and changing lanes, giving us hope to move towards fully automatic driving.
  • Integration of High-Precision Maps: This technology has upgraded sensory data and detailed mapping, allowing the vehicles to understand their surroundings while handling the control, which lets the drivers rely and depend on this technology. 
  • Enhanced ADAS Features: Features like steering control, smooth lane change, and centering in complex situations are the plus characteristics of Level 2+ autonomy. 

Bridging the Gap to Full Autonomy

Level 2 and Level 2+ autonomy systems are part of ADAS. Level 2+ autonomy is an advanced level that increases dependency and relies on autonomy to level up the driving experience. Level 2+ autonomous systems allows us to get closer to the future. If we pay attention to the features of these technologies, then we can understand  that Level 2+ autonomy is a bridge between Level 2 and Level 3. It’s a step of coming  closer to the dream of inventing fully automatic vehicles. 

To summarize, the invention of these autonomous technologies is built into our vehicles to provide safety, comfort, and dependency to humans. The future holds many possibilities in the automobile industry. One of them is the plan of Fully automatic vehicles. Over the centuries this industry has provided us with many facilities and continues to serve the same in the upcoming time.

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