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The topic: Meet the Iconic Couple from the Woodstock Album Co — Tymoff. Few moments in the 60s are as iconic as the photo of the couple hugging and on the cover of the woodstock album. This picture is not just what woodstock was about but a monument to unity and love over troubled times. As the festival celebrates its anniversaries many people wonder how this couple got together and what a great photo capturing their instant love that raises questions among many today. It also reflects back the peace, music and communal living of one of the biggest event of that era; so it’s a reminder of what time it was.

Here’s the article about the woodstock album cover and meet the couple Nick Ercoline and Bobbi Kelly, the iconic couple and what they did after woodstock. The story goes beyond the original context of the photo to become a symbol of the festival’s lasting impact on culture and society. What we have here is an interview with Tymoff characters from ‘Woodstock’ (my favorite album cover) – a story about them that gives us a glimpse of their unforgettable contribution along with the festival itself to our collective memory and how they are remembered on anniversaries and legendary performances at Woodstock.

The Woodstock Album Cover

After the festival this photo was on the album cover. The Woodstock album cover is the picture of Nick and Bobbi Ercoline wrapped in a blanket that has become the symbol of the 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Fair. What you see in this photo by Burk Uzzle is a moment of love and affection that resonates universally as a symbol of peace and unity that the festival was about. They were hugging at dawn, they didn’t even know they would be icons in Max Yasgur’s farm just three months later after they started dating.

Cultural history went beyond the look. An album cover means a lot in cultural history aside from the aesthetics. Hope Nick and Bobbi’s wordless harmonious hug in the rocky background of the event. It has been a landmark for Woodstock’s memories and basis of conversations during every anniversary party about its social impact.

Also Bobbi and Nick were surprised to be the couple on the album cover. Only when a friend pointed out in the picture that their blanket was next to the yellow butterfly staff did they know what happened. This is the moment of realization that shows how sudden and unpredictable Woodstock was where half a million people gathered in peace not war and an era of great social change in America.

Meet the Iconic Couple: Nick Ercoline and Bobbi Kelly

How They Met

College student Nick Ercoline and Bobbi Kelly worked at a bank in the summer of 1969. Nick thought the $18 concert tickets for Woodstock Music Festival were too steep and they had no intention of going. But on August 15, 1969, Bobbi was sitting on her porch and heard WALL radio talking about how big the crowds were at the festival and how crazy it was. Instead of heeding the advice not to go because all the gates were closed except one, their restlessness and motivation kicked in and they said,”We were 20…we had to go”. The next day they loaded up their friends and headed to the festival as far as they could by car and then walked the rest of the way. Also Read: I Fear No One, But Respect Everyone. – Tymoff

The Famous Woodstock Photo

Their embrace, unknown to them at dawn under a quilt amidst the sea of people at the festival was photographed by Burk Uzzle. This photo would later be used on the cover of the “Woodstock: Music from the Original Soundtrack and More” album. The photo shows a couple with another guy carrying a weird butterfly stick which belonged to one of the people who had been at the festival – Herbie. It wasn’t until Bobbi and Nick’s friend recognized their blanket and their friend Jim Corcoran’s butterfly staff in it that they realized they were part of Woodstock history forever. Their Vietnam veteran friend who was following them – Corky – recognized these personal items in this photo by chance.

Life After Woodstock

Marriage and Family

Nick and Bobbi Ercoline, the couple in the Woodstock album cover photo, got married in August 1971. They have two sons, Mathew and Luke, and four grandkids. Nick became a union carpenter and then a building inspector and Bobbi became a school nurse dedicated to children’s health. While they returned to normal life after Woodstock, Nick and Bobbi still held onto the fame that came with being in the Woodstock photo.

Public Appearances and Interviews

The Ercolines were surprised by the fame that came to them and they started to live the peace and love they represented. They would do interviews especially during Woodstock anniversaries and share their story and what it means to live after an event like that. In her reflection, Bobbi says Woodstock is a beacon of peace and is famously quoted as saying there should be more Woodstocks today. Through their daily ritual, you can see these parents are still true to the Woodstock principles; every day started and ended with a kiss that reminded them of when they kissed at the festival and this became their daily habit.

The Picture is Iconic

Cultural Significance: The picture of Nick and Bobbi Ercoline at Woodstock 1969 is a time capsule of the era, peace and music can change the world. According to Danny Goldberg – music critic – there are several symbols that have been attached to Woodstock over the years including a counter culture event and a business plan for rock’s economic power by the music industry. This was more than a half a million people festival; it was also a showcase of legendary performances from Jimi Hendrix and The Who that reflected the communalism and rebellion of the young people of the time.

Preserving Woodstock’s Spirit: Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, the former site of the Woodstock Music and Art Fair, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2017 to keep this place intact. It’s a marker that ensures the survival and spread of the festival’s values – love, peace and music – in our time; and its continued celebration since then. That’s the ongoing echo of Woodstock’s message that we see today through people still celebrating its anniversaries and others influenced by it even years later.


This is the story of Bobbi and Nick Ercoline, the famous Woodstock couple as a way to show how historical context can shape personal narratives, the evergreen values of peace, love and music of Woodstock. It’s about two people who happened to go to a festival and ended up on the album cover; it’s the epitome of the spontaneity and togetherness of an era of insurrection and change. Their lives beyond the big event at Woodstock is a testament to how some historical events can be big for individuals when they live the values celebrated in those gatherings more than 40 years later. That’s why Woodstock’s legacy is so important both in personal memory and collective consciousness.

Woodstock’s legacy as seen in the picture of Nick and Bobbi taken on that ground still glows. But we also need to preserve this heritage through stories and a few physical markers so people can remember this great cultural moment in their lives and connect with future folks about the meaning of togetherness, peace and music as a source of inner change. The story of the Woodstock couple and the festival’s relevance today is a reminder that Woodstock values are timeless and as important to us now as they were 50 years ago; an empathic world where collective unity and mutual respect is valued.


What happened to the couple on the Woodstock album cover?

Bobbi Ercoline, the woman on the Woodstock album cover, has died 73. Her husband Nick Ercoline, one of the people on the album cover with her, posted on Facebook that she had died.

Who is the woman from the Woodstock photo that just passed away?

Bobbi Ercoline, the lady in the Woodstock picture, died at her home in Pine Bush, New York on March 18. Her husband Nick Ercoline who has been with her since they were kids and went out with her when the picture was taken said she had died.

Who are the couples from Woodstock?

From Woodstock, the famous couple is Bobbi and Nick Ercoline. They got married two years after the festival in 1971. Nick was a carpenter in his local union and Bobbi was a school nurse. They were known as “the Woodstock album couples” and had two children.

Who was the last performer at Woodstock in 1969?

Woodstock 1969 had Jimi Hendrix as the last performer. He went on stage at 8:30 am Monday after a rain delay. When he finally performed there were only about thirty thousand people left from the estimated four hundred and fifty thousand; many had left during his performance.

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