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The question: what technology is being used when you are sent an email saying you can track your package? The excitement of receiving an order is out of the world. Once we start getting notifications like “Your order has been shipped,” and “Your order has been dispatched” we become more eager to receive the order. But have you ever sat down and thought about where we get all the information, and how we track every step before receiving our order? What technology are we using to get all the information about our order? 

Just like you guys, I was also curious to find out and I did. Today’s article is about technology that works continuously and updates us after the moment we order something online. 

The Magic of Tracking Pixels and Web Beacons

Tracking pixels has multiple names in the human world, like web beacons, 1×1 pixels, and pixel tags. They work as spy cameras in the email-tracking world.

Tracking pixels are:

Tiny: Tracking pixels are graphics with dimensions of 1×1 pixel that are made to be camouflaged in the email. 

Transparent:   They are so tiny that they cannot be seen with the naked eye and blend properly into the background of email, which makes them invisible or transparent.  

Efficient: Whenever we open an email, tracking pixels instantly notify the sender that the email has been opened. 

This software provides insights on key metrics on email open or email engagement. This method is quite handy for the sender(s) as they can ensure tracking information reaches you or not. 

Click and Track: The Role of Trackable Links

Once you receive a tracking email, Down below after the main content you see some hyperlinks, they are not ordinary links, they’re encoded with: 

Unique Identifiers: Every link is unique and has a different recipient. When you open that link and go back, you land on the same page, which makes it personal. 

Remote server interaction:  Once you click on that link it will take you to the server that counts your engagement. 

User engagement tracking: With one click the sender will be aware of the interest and how many of us interact with the email. 

Once you start clicking on the links, you inform the sender about your interest in the tracking process, which allows the sender to check how well they have reached out to the recipients. 

Unique Barcodes and Tracking Numbers: Your Package’s Digital Fingerprint

Each package that we receive has its own unique identity in the form of barcodes or tracking numbers which signifies a few things: 

Individual monitoring:  Every package is unique and monitored specifically. 

Scannable checkpoints: In every phase, the package will be scanned creating a roadmap to follow its journey. 

Email integration: We usually use this number to track orders through email links. 

GPS Tracking: Real-Time Package Pursuit

Most courier companies allow us to track our orders by GPS  technology, which allows us to: 

Live location updates: GPS helps us to locate our orders anytime.

Vehicle tracking: GPS helps us to see the location of the delivery vehicle along with the order.   

Dynamic delivery ETAs: An individual can assume the delivery time immediately with the help of GPS.   

RFID Chips: The Smart Shipping Revolution

RFID chips are changing the way how  companies manage logistics: 

Wireless communication: These chips help to communicate with the scanners without LoS. 

Environmental monitoring: RIFD chips can inform us about the current temperature which is important for sensitive items. 

Supply chain transparency:

These chips help to get an accurate picture of an order’s journey and handling. 

In Summary: A Symphony of Tracking Technologies

Let’s take a quick look about the email you get is a first step of learning about the tracking technologies, which includes: 

  • Email-based tracking pixels/web beacons: Confirming email engagement.
  • Encoded links: Providing insights into user interaction.
  • Unique package identifiers: Offering detailed journey tracking.
  • GPS/RFID technologies: Delivering real-time updates and environmental conditions.

The Customer Portal: The email you receive after ordering an item is not just another popup about the delivery, it’s access to see the thorough journey of your order. 

From now on whenever you order something and get a tracking email, do remember behind the scenes. The moment when an order is dispatched till it reaches your doorstep, every time it’s being tracked and recorded for a safe and secure delivery. This is a modern way of delivering, which feels and seems quite easy, everything is one click or touch away because of these technologies.

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