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A comprehensive guide to the median salary of a cybersecurity engineer. Every company keeps their confidential information in their system and the companies cannot afford any cyber breach, for that reason, they hire cybersecurity engineers to protect their secrets from cyber crimes. Cybersecurity engineers support companies by protecting their data. Before you turn your path toward cybersecurity engineering, it’s vital to understand the potential earning an individual can earn in this field.  In this blog, we will discuss the factors that may impact the average salary of cybersecurity engineers in the US. 

What’s the average salary of a cybersecurity engineer?

A cybersecurity engineer can earn up to $ 112,000 annually, according to the Bureau of  Labor Statistics (BLS). But, it may vary depending on the location, industry type, and working experience. 

Factors Impacting the salary of a Cybersecurity Engineer

Many variables affect the earnings of cybersecurity engineers. Let me highlight a few of them.

  • Where do they work? 
  • How much experience do they have?

Let’s delve deeply to understand each of these factors. 

Salary based on the industry type 

It depends on the type of industry in which a cybersecurity engineer works. For instance, if an individual works in a technological or information technology field, it will be around $165,100. But, if the industry types change like if one is working in a research center and development sector earns approximately $136,810. Lastly, an individual earns up to $122,430 in computer systems design. 

Based on Location 

Another key factor is location which decides the average pay of a cybersecurity engineer. The salary may vary depending on the area and the demand for a cybersecurity engineer. 

No. of years in experience and Current CTC 

Employees working in corporations can understand that salary increases with years of experience. The same goes for cybersecurity. A cybersecurity engineer’s salary depends on the years of experience they have. A fresher salary will be less than the median salary, and if an individual has experience spanning several years, they will earn more. 

Actual Salary vs. Advertised Salary 

While going any further there’s one thing to note as per Coursera the average salary of a cybersecurity engineer is $92,371, whereas as per ZipRecruiter the average salary of a cybersecurity engineer is $89,003 annually. Numbers may vary depending on the data source and reporting period. 

Salary increment for Cyber Security engineers

As time changes cybersecurity is also evolving which influences the salary trends. The only possible way to stay in this competitive corporate world is to keep up to date with the latest technological developments and learn new skills, which will support getting increments. 

How to raise your salary as a Cybersecurity engineer

Cybersecurity engineers can pursue advanced certification, and learn specialized skills to increase their chances of increment. 


The average pay of a cybersecurity engineer depends on various factors like industry types, location, and experience. Cybersecurity engineers can increase their potential earnings by considering these factors and learning new skills and advanced technology. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the median salary of a cybersecurity engineer in the USA?

A cyber security engineer can earn up to $144,866 with an average salary of $118,692 annually. Depending upon the factors we discussed in the post the average salary of a cyber security engineer may vary. 

How does experience level affect the salary of a cybersecurity engineer?

Every day we learn something new and note it in our experience book. Matching the pace with technology is not a piece of cake, and this field requires an open mind to grasp everything. In cybersecurity experience matters a lot, simply put, penning down every new learning in an experience book is mandatory. The number of working years affects the salary an individual earns.  For example, an individual with an experience of 10 years will earn more than the individual who started working 2 years ago. 

Are cybersecurity engineers in high demand?

Yes, With an increasing rate of cyber crimes and complexity technology needs professionals to protect us from breaches. Finance, Medical, Research industries, and even the government require cybersecurity engineers who secure their sensitive information. 

What skills are required to become a cybersecurity engineer?

To be a pro in the cybersecurity field, you require soft skills like problem-solving and communication, and technical skills like network security and programming knowledge. 

What is the job outlook for cybersecurity engineers?

There’s a promising job outlook as a cybersecurity engineer if you opt for cybersecurity engineering as a career, as there’s a high demand for cybersecurity engineers due to the increase in cybercrime. 

What are the main challenges faced by cybersecurity engineers?

The main challenge for a cyber security engineer is to be abreast of emerging trends and technologies as they evolve daily along with cyber threats.  

What is the future outlook for cybersecurity professionals?

As industries rely on technology, cybersecurity engineers have a bright future, as their need is growing faster. 

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