Can Bad Reviews Be Removed from Google? Techno Timing

The answer is Yes, You can take down bad reviews from Google reviews. But, there is a criterion under which you can do so. If the review violates Google’s rules and doesn’t follow the review policy of Google, in that case, Google allows removing the review. 

Below are some key points to follow to remove the review: 

Google’s Review Policies

Reviews that include:

  • Fake reviews
  • Include invalid content 
  • Content against the law 
  • Threats 
  • Abusive, harassing content 
  • Personal Information 
  • Spams 
  • Imitation or Deception 

Any of these types of content are allowed to be taken down by Google.

Steps to Remove a Google Review

Flag the Review

One of the ways to take down the review is to flag it. If a review falls foul of the rules on your profile, you can flag it from your profile. Whether you find the review on Google Search or Maps just mark it as inappropriate or report. 

Contact Google Support

If the review is not taken down after the flagging, you can seek help from Google Support to remove it. During the process, the team will ask you for a detailed explanation and reason to remove the review. 

Legal Removal Request

If the review includes questionable, explicit content and defamation, you can send a legal request to Google to remove the content from reviews. To proceed with this, Google will ask you to fill out the formal request form and may ask for legal documents too. 

Additional Considerations

Response to Reviews

Another way to remove a review is to Respond. Listening to a client’s issue and rectifying it is a way the company can take down a negative review because sometimes, unsatisfied customers drop a negative review. Negotiation is a solution too.

Repeated Violations

Usually, Google takes down offensive reviews by itself. Google also uses automated systems to find and remove fake spam reviews, so deletion of a genuine review is possible. 

No Direct Deletion by Businesses

Businesses cannot delete a review directly. There is a process, and they have to follow it. Report a review directly to Google, and explain the reason for reporting it and the impact it can have. Google previews the review and decides whether it should be removed or not. 

In summary

You cannot take down a review from Google because you don’t like it or it’s impacting you negatively. There is a process to remove it through reporting, which I shared in the post. This way the platform will be fair for businesses along with customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I delete a bad review on Google?

No, you cannot delete a review by yourself. But you can flag the review so Google can review it. 

How long does it take for Google to remove a review?

Usually, Google takes a few days to a week to remove a flagged review. However, it is a complex process. 

Can I sue someone for a bad Google review?

Legal action for an offensive review is possible. But, it is time-consuming, costly, and challenging. 

What should I do if I receive a fake negative review?

The sensible decision will be to flag so Google can look into it and remove it. You can respond to the review professionally and handle the situation. 

How can I improve my Google Reviews rating?

Be up to your wordings, Ask the customers to write positive reviews, and Respond to every review (positive or negative).  

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