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The topic: a pair of stylish sneakers could be considered a because it is not a necessity. High tops or slip-ons, the choice is a deal breaker for fashionistas who want to balance style and practicality. In this post we’ll look at high tops and slip-ons as Axel Arigato and Converse do, and we’ll highlight the importance of choosing the right sneaker for the audience and their life style.

High Top Sneakers

Axel Arigato’s Design

The street style and design of Axel Arigato’s high top sneakers have got everyone talking. The chunky rubber soles and intricate mesh panels on these sneakers are a statement piece that can dress up an office outfit. Not only will high top look fashion forward, it also gives ankle support so it’s practical for those who live an active lifestyle and those with an edgy sense of style.

Converse’s Timeless

Converse, a big player in the sneaker world, has high top options that have been around for ages. The brand has One Star range that comes with plain suede that gives fashionable and reliable options for those who want multipurpose and affordable sneaker. Converse high top sneaker has clean lines, natural colours and looks vintage while still comfortable enough for daily use.

Slip On Sneakers

Slip Ons

Slip on sneakers have become a staple in the footwear world, known for its versatility and laid back nature. Chunky slip ons by Axel Arigato with raised rubber soles and intricate mesh inserts can be a great addition to your office wardrobe and more. The flip flop design itself allows anyone with a busy life to get everything they need without having to try too hard to look good.

Comfort and Simplicity with Veja

Veja’s low top slip on sneakers are a minimalist design that’s perfect for those who want comfort without compromising on style. Made from leather, cotton and rubber, these sneakers has sporty yet elegant look that can go from formal to casual. Neutral colours and cut down shape is an option for any minimalist who needs to fill up his/her closet.


Lifestyle and Preferences

If you have to choose between high top and slip on sneakers, you need to consider your style and lifestyle. Those who need leg support and fashionistas can opt for high top sneakers like Axel Arigato or Converse. Meanwhile Veja’s options are for those who want ease, relaxation and simple design with their shoes which is a characteristic of many slip on sneakers.

Style and Function

No matter a bold high top sneaker or sleek slip-on design, the perfect sneakers should be style and function in one. With more casual shoes being worn to work, there’s need for versatility and comfort that high top and slip on sneakers offer. So a well made pair of tennis shoes can dress up an outfit and be practical for someone who leads a busy life.


When it comes to high-tops and slip-ons there’s options for everyone who wants fashionable and functional footwear. Axel Arigato and Converse are pushing the boundaries of footwear design and Veja is catering to those who want something simple but stylish − so there’s a sneaker for everyone and every lifestyle. High tops that are bold and daring or slip-ons that are easy to wear with comfort are changing sneakers for the masses.


Are sneakers a good investment why or why not?

The value of a sneaker is ultimately determined by the market. If a certain style or brand is highly sought after by collectors they may expect to get high resale value on their sneakers. Prices for sneakers change so it’s best to get expensive footwear appraised regularly.

What is sustainable sneakers?

Environmentally friendly shoes made with vegetable tanned cowhide, recycled rubber and even plant based materials like hemp or cork can have unique performance benefits because they are made with high quality materials but low impact and non toxic.

Which sneaker brand is the most ethical?

Etiko is a family owned small business that has won many sustainability awards and every item they make is vegan and fair trade certified. They make more ethical hi-top sneakers as well as low-cut ones in various colours to suit different tastes and styles.

What is the history of sneakers?

In the late 1700s people had plimsolls with shoes that were rubber soled to be exact with no distinction between left and right foot. In about 1892 U.S rubber company created Keds which are more comfortable rubber sneakers with canvas tops. Since 1917 mass production of these sneakers began.

Note: Whether Product S is a luxury good or not is debatable. Luxury goods are not necessary to some but have high social value because of brand.

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